Rooster Jacket Bullet Lube

Rooster Jacket Waterproof Bullet Film Lube

Rooster Jacket Waterproof Bullet Film Lube. A unique and versatile lube for swaged, cast lead bullets, copper-jacketed bullets and bore pre-lubing. Why use a dirty black lube that makes a mess of everything? Wax/water liquid emulsion dries to a clear, hard, tough, waterproof, waxy film with a 210 F melting point. It contains no volatile solvents, but does contain rust preventives for steel, and corrosion inhibitors for brass and copper. Also a great way to waterproof paper patch paper by simply applying directly to the patch.

Easy and quick to apply by hand-dipping or flood coating. Almost odorless. May be applied over any factory lube. Also favored by Bullseye Competition .45 caliber pistol shooters. Designed for up to 1,400 fps. Economical. Comes in 16 oz. bottles.

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Rooster Bright Brass Polish

Rooster Bright Brass Cartridge Polish

Contains no ammonia. Formulated specifically as a media additive for polishing brass cartridge cases, ROOSTER BRIGHT cleaner-polish-protectant radically speeds up production and leaves your brass gleaming (protected by corrosion-inhibitors), and impervious to finger stains. One customer says it even eliminates the need for a sizing lube. It is also an all – purpose polish for household, commercial and industrial use. Great for hand-polishing gold and silver jewelry, flatware, brass, copper, chromium, and stainless steel. This is a user-friendly, ecologically sound, bio-degradable product which contains no petroleum distillates. Mild citrus fragrance. Pleasant to use. This is our best-selling product!

TO USE: Shake well before using. While tumbler is running, add 1 ounce of polish per 3 pounds of untreated media (2 teaspoons per pound); one cup per 24 pounds of media, etc.. Allow to mix for 3 minutes before adding brass. For previously – treated media, add 1/3 as much polish for each succeeding batch of brass. (Monitor this to make sure your media does not get too moist). Keep lid on tumbler to keep the liquids in the polish from evaporating.

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