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About Us

Nancy and Duane Benton founded Creative Candles in 1965. Duane was an architect by trade who went into the candle making business. His background as an architect, his logical progression approach, and his creative mind enabled him to engineer formulations never dreamed possible. Creative Candles thrived. Over the years Duane received requests for wax based products not related to the candle making business. From these requests Rooster Laboratories was born.

From this simple beginning, ROOSTER LABS has continued to develop innovative, premium-quality lubricants and polishes for this industry. ROOSTER LABS products make it easier for individuals to produce professional-quality high-performance bullets and cartridges in their home workshops.

PRIVATE LABELING: By 1983, Rooster Labs was incorporated, and other companies were asking us to manufacture our brass case polish and private label it for them. Today 80% of our business is private labeling new products for other companies, other disciplines and other markets. We are quick, efficient, and cost-effective. If you are interested in having us private-label an existing Rooster Labs product or a product in our recipe data base please click here.

An alliance was formed with Bernard Laboratories in 2006 with the eventual purchase in 2014. During this time several private label products were introduced. Bernard’s manufacturing and packaging abilities took Rooster Laboratories to a new level of expertise. Duane has retired and isn’t active but his legacy lives on. His quality formulations are available for manufacture.

As always, our products are designed with your health and our environment in mind, and we constantly work to improve quality and performance. Since we cannot be successful unless you are, we work at being more than a supplier. ROOSTER LABS is your silent partner. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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